TeacherBridge Survey Data Visualization

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this phase of the TeacherBridge project. We have created a Survey Analysis tool that will allow you to view some of the results of the surveys that were given over the past two years.

- What Should I Do With the Survey Tool?
- Brief Description
- Detailed Instructions
- Changing Your Password
- Survey Tool Requirements

What Should I Do With the Survey Tool?
We're interested in hearing your feelings on the survey results. Are you surprised by them? Did you expect different responses overall? Feel free to leave any impressions you may have as comments or email them directly to if you prefer.

Brief Description
The components of the survey tool are common items found on web pages, though the way you will interact with them may be different than what you are used to. To generate a visualization, go here, choose a survey version, and then follow these steps:
  1. Select at least one survey in the Surveys box
  2. Select at least one user from the box titled Users who have taken the survey(s). You can narrow the respondents displayed by selecting subjects from the box titled Show only the following teachers. For example, if you wish to view the responses of Math teachers, click Math and only Math teachers will be available for selection in the Users box.
  3. Select at least one question from the list of questions.
  4. Select a visualization type and click Draw Graph(s).
  5. Click Show Comments to view the comments that have been left in response to the results of a survey question. If you would like to leave a comment, enter your comment in the space below Add a Comment and click Add Comment.

Don't be afraid to click around - you won't break anything. If you have any problems, read the Detailed Instructions below, or email directly and ask any question that you may have.

A note about logging in: You are not required to log in to the tool in order to use it. However, you will only be able to post anonymous comments if you are not logged in.

Detailed Instructions
Logging In (optional): First, log in to the tool by clicking the Log In link. Enter your username and password supplied to you in an email you should have received. If you haven't received an email with this information, please email . Check your profile information by clicking Modify Profile Information. Here you can change your display name, your occupation, and specify the grade(s) you teach, the subject(s) you teach, and the school(s) where you teach:

Information for your profile was populated with data found on the Current Users page on TeacherBridge. Your profile cannot be viewed by other users of the Survey Data Visualization tool.

Generating Survey Visualizations: The survey results can be viewed by clicking the Survey Data Visualization link. There are two different survey versions that can be accessed using this tool. The questions for each are listed under the survey version numbers. Click on a survey version number to view the results of that survey version.

To generate visualizations of survey results, do the following:

Each survey version was given three times. The descriptions of the surveys contain the months and year when the survey was given. Select one or more surveys in the box labeled Survey Descriptions. When at least one survey has been selected, the box labeled Users who have taken the survey(s) is populated with only users who have taken the selected survey. This list of teachers can be reduced by selecting specific teachers, such as English and Math teachers, in the box labeled Show only the following teachers. Again, only those teachers who have taken the selected surveys will be displayed. Selecting one or more subjects is optional. At least one user must be selected to generate survey results.

At least one question must be selected in order to generate survey results.

The final step is to select a visualization type. Scatter plots are only available when at least 2 surveys are selected. Pie Charts and Raw Data tables are displayed in one horizontal row for each survey selected.

Next to each visualization is a link that reads Show Comments. Clicking this link displays the comments that have been left in response to a question. Below the existing comments is an area where you are able to leave new comments. Enter your comment in the space provided and click Add Comment. Feel free to comment on the survey results, previous comments, or the survey question itself. If you are not logged in, the comment will automatically be posted anonymously. If you are logged in, you have the option to post the comment anonymously by selecting Post Anonymously. Othewise, your display name will follow your comment.

Changing Your Password
If you are logged in, you can change your password by clicking the Change Password link. If you are not logged in, you can reset your password by clicking the Reset Password link. Enter your email address and the system will generate a new password for your account and email it to the address given.

If you need to change your email address, email

Survey tool requirements
In order for the dynamic functions of the tool to work, Javascript must be enabled in your browser. Both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 can be used to access the tool. If you have any problems, accessing or using the survey tool, email .